Fresh and Frozen Seafood

O’Neal’s Sea Harvest, Inc. offers the finest in both wholesale and retail seafood. All of our seafood is locally caught and purchased daily. We offer hard or soft shell blue crab, deep sea and inshore fish, as well as North Carolina shrimp and ocean scallops. We provide a large variety of fresh and frozen seafood. We are a licensed wholesale dealer and our prices through the season may vary. However, this enables us to offer our product to you at an affordable cost. Take home some seafood today! Bring your cooler and we will fill it up and prepare it for travel.


Our secret is the freshness of the local catch. We ship wholesale daily assuring our retail is fresh each day. Listed are the species of fish and their approximate seasons of harvest.

Yellow Fin Tuna

Available all year


Available June through October

Striper (Rockfish)

Available November through March

Mahi Mahi

Available April through October


Available all year

Red Drum

Available all year

Speckled Trout

Available all year


Available May through November


Available all year


Available all year


Sea Mullet

Available February to October

Black Sea Bass

Available all year

Soft Shell Crabs

At O’Neal’s Sea Harvest, Inc. we purchase the blue crab which have signs of molting. We place the crabs in tanks filled with water and provide them with a comfortable atmosphere for their molting process. Every six hours the crabs are checked and as the crabs have completed their molting process the soft shells are removed from the tanks. Fresh soft shells are available for sale during the months of April through October. We also provide soft shells that have been cleaned, individually wrapped and frozen year around. These frozen soft shells will keep remarkably well for over a year. They are also an easy way to travel with seafood. We will prepare and package them for your long trip home. We offer fresh and frozen soft shells in four different sizes.

Blue Crabs

Blue Crabs are available March through December. All of our Blue Crabs are caught in local North Carolina waters and are unloaded at our dock daily. Most of our crabs are shipped to markets in New York; Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC; and Maryland. We sell them live by the dozen or by the bushel. Our most preferred crabs are our large male (#1 Jimmies). We also have #2 Jimmies and Sooks (females).


Fresh shrimp are available with heads-on or heads-off and in a variety of sizes. They are in season June through September. Also available are frozen shrimp in 5 or 10 lb. packages. Bring your cooler and we will gladly pack them for travel.


Fresh deep sea scallops are available June through August but are available frozen year around. Our scallops are sea scallops and are large in size. They are sold by the pound.